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It’s nothing new to say that European countries are more waste conscious than North Americans.  Other than reducing the amount of photocopy paper we use and trying to recycle in the office, I haven’t personally experienced much “greening” in my recent office history.

So here’s what the London offices of Bloomberg news agency did to deal with their waste.  They commissioned Art Co. to employ artists and designers to create lighting, furniture etc. using only the waste in the office.  Dubbed “Waste Not Want it”.

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez turned computer mice into this beautiful chandelier, called “infructescence”, where clusters of LEDs represent ripening fruit.

“The Pond” is Raw Edge’s “bucolic seating environment” made from wooden pallets and keys from keyboards arranged around old computer monitors.

David Batchelow used more than 10km of cable flex to create large “Dog Balls”.

Oh! Just got a great idea – Team building exercise!!  Brilliant.


First seen on Design Indaba.

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