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When Keith McSpurren leased a larger office for his expanding business, he wanted a space that reflected his conservative yet relaxed attitude toward office life. Conservative because he was dealing with investing people’s money but relaxed enough to make them feel comfortable and want to stay a while.  His only restriction – “no bean bags”  Aaaww!

So I turned the “conservative” into “classic” and had fun with his colours. Picking the colours was easy because he had an established corporate colour.  I just expanded the pallet.  But the space; which I wanted to totally redesign, had to stay put, walls and all.  No biggy, because it worked for what we wanted to do.  He had an entrance foyer (holding area) for deliveries and guests who were buzzed in.  Then an inner set of doors leading to the open conference lounge area – large screen TV to view the business channel and billiards table for doing business with clients (on order).  The conference room is for serious business.

Custom desks and conference table in walnut from SIMO.  Conference chairs by Dauphin.  Sofa in billiards taupe, black leather Delano chairs, Persuede club chairs, walnut wall boxes and stainless steel cube by STYLEGARAGE. Tolomeo desk lights by Artemide. Ceiling Light Panels and custom screen-printed pillows by Flohaus Studio. Coffee table by Surface 3 and window shades by Hunter Douglas. Apples and oranges from the market.


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