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Clutter and Energy

I think that the topic of Clutter is so important, it will need it’s own post.  And today will be the first.

In order to understand the effects of clutter and how to control it, I believe we have to understand energy.  A little Feng Shui should do the job nicely.

Energy or ch’i, qi, or ki, all pronounced “chee”, is what animates or distinguishes between living and dead matter.  Also referred to as “cosmic breath”, ch’i is in all living matter, plants, animals and humans.  And like all life cycles, it too is born, becomes strong, decays and dies.


When ch’i is positive, strong, energizing it is called Sheng ch’i. Imagine a clean, clear, meandering river.  It is the best type of energy and the type you want to surround yourself with.  On the other hand, like a stagnant putrid body of water, trapped energy is called Ssu ch’i.  Ssu ch’i should be avoided at all costs because it promotes death and decay.  Another bad energy is called Sha ch’i.  Like a straight road where energy gathers too much speed and then hits a building; this is Sha ch’i or “killing breath”.

the-swamp-stock edge of Niagara Falls

Can you think of how the energy flows in your home or office?  Do you have too much furniture in your living room, so that it’s difficult to move around in.  Or do you have a long hallway that leads straight to your bedroom door? Do you find yourself, so overwhelmed with the magazines/books piled up on your night table, and of course you’re going to read them all this week, but you can’t seem to bring yourself to pick up just one? (This one is me!)

Is there a room in your home or an area in your office that just doesn’t seem to feel right?

Do this today.  Try moving the furniture around.  Try a completely different configuration.  And try taking out the objects that don’t really serve a function in that room.  Keep the one book or magazine you really want to finish and put the rest on the shelf or in the cabinet.  I know, I know.  But do it anyway. (I did this last night!)

And for that long hallway; the solution is to create an obstruction that will slow down the Sha ch’i and change it into Sheng ch’i.  Feng Shui practitioners will commonly use a crystal hung from the ceiling just before your door or a mirror for the same effect.  But I prefer to use design elements, such as creating highlighted areas with lighting, break-up the floor by throwing down smaller rugs instead of one long runner or use a screen if there’s room.

If you do this for yourself today,  I promise that you will physically feel better and even perhaps sleep better tonight.

Start small.  Do only one area today!

And remember :    Sheng Ch’i  –  GOOD   Ssu ch’i and Sha ch’i  –  BAD



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