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Happy Monday everyone!

I’ve finally installed all window vinyls on my favourite retail stores! That’s what I was doing all day today.  Thanks to Tal at VinylXpress for producing fantastic cling vinyl signs.

To show my appreciation for you, my loyal readers, I’ve arranged for you to get 10% off of selected merchandise at all of my favourite stores!

Starting this Saturday May 1st until May 31st, whenever you see one of my window vinyls, go in and say your a “FLOHAUS FAN” and voila you’ll get 10% off.

See the side bar “Flohaus Fan Club” for the list of participating realtors.  And stay tuned for a mini highlight of each of the shops throughout the week!


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Picture Hanging 101

European Gallery AGO

It still surprises me to this day when I see pictures that are hung incorrectly, whether too low or too high.  Most common is the too high version.  We’ve read in magazines that there are certain recommended measureable heights for artwork and prints.  But you know me… I’m lazy and do everything (well most things) by eye or instinct.

So, I want to encourage you to throw caution to the wind, and not get too bogged down with “The Rules” of hanging a picture.  But follow these simple rules of thumb:

  1. Make sure your picture is the correct proportion for the wall you want to display it on.  i.e. don’t hang a small picture on a huge wall and conversely don’t hang a large picture on a small wall space.
  2. Don’t feel the need to fill every space on your wall.  Leaving empty wall space (especially thinner areas between doors) is very important when done in a strategic way.
  3. Establish the use of the room first.  For example, in a living room where you will be sitting most of the time, hang your pictures accordingly low or high enough so that you can view them without straining your neck.  This same rule applies for every room.
  4. If you are hanging in a large hallway where there is traffic only and no place to sit and rest, simply hang pictures so that a child of say 3 feet can view and also for an adult of about 5 feet can view it without strain.
  5. Remember to hang your pictures for an average adult which is anywhere from 4’10” to 5’8” (in North America).  Your 6’ 4” husband is above average!
  6. If you don’t have a large picture to fill a large space, create a cluster or salon-style grouping of pictures.

Is this clear as mud?  Here are some pictures to help clarify.

Not Good                                                    Good

Not Good                                                      Good

Salon style grouping

And most importantly change up your pictures as often as you like or seasonally to refresh the look of your space!


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