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Happy Monday!

I finally picked up my copy of the “The Selby is in your place” and I have to say that it’s more interesting than I thought it would be.  If you’ve been out in cyberspace long enough, you’ll know that The Selby is one of the most cool shelter blogs out there, because it let’s us all be voyeurs and peek into peoples’ spaces and lives.  But the book takes it a step further.

Todd Selby shows us the pictures, and also gives us a glimpse into his subjects’ personal thoughts and desires by getting them to fill out a handwritten questionnaire.  I love to see handwriting because it’s a dying skill and you really get a sense of a personality by a person’s handwriting.  Don’t you think?  And wow, does Karl Lagerfeld ever have a collection!

And Todd has included stickers!  My most favourite thing to do.  I used to do all of my kids sticker books before they could get their hands on them.  Thanks Todd!

If there is one fun book you wanted to buy yourself this spring, this has got to be it.

I got my copy at The Drake Hotel General Store. I think there are 2 left!

Here’s a peek!


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