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My former employer once told me that he could tell whether a woman was a good hugger or not and to him a good hugger was attractive.

Have you read all the news reports on student hugging being a cultural phenomenon?  Some say that it’s an extension of the Internet communication; I heart you, love u etc.  Others say it’s a result of the lack of contact we have because of Internet communication.  Whatever the reason, I like it and I think it’s ok to hug.

In fact, I think it’s necessary to have a healthy home environment.

Kathleen Keating, author of The Hug Therapy Book writes,” Hugging is an intimate form of touch. We are suffering in our society from a sad condition best described as touch deprivation, skin hunger and hug inhibition. We need to recognize that every human being has a profound physical and emotional need for touch – men and women and children. And even our animal companions!

Did you know that there was a National Hug Day?  It’s on January 21st.  So mark your calendars.

According to Virginia Satir, family therapist – “We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintanence. We need 12 hugs a days for growth.”

I’m all over that.  For me the more hugs the better.  And in the home, hugging to greet your loved ones or friends is a way to share your good energy and feel it grow.  Energy is tangible and filling your home with good hug energy is the best way to live a happy life….

I’m going to try for 20 hugs today!!!

12 Big Hugs to you!

8 more to go!

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