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For all who love design – CUTMR starts today at the Gladstone Hotel.

I was able to get a sneak peek last night and was pleasantly surprised by the eclectic mix of installations. Curated by Deborah Wang and Jeremy Vandermeij; they have once again assembled an exceptional group of artists/creators/designers of varying disciplines. With no restrictions of “theme” to encumber,  I was delighted at every turn of the exhibit.

Here’s your sneak peek:

Amanda McCavour uses a sewing machine and fabric that dissolves in water to create replicas of her previous living room. The amount of intricacy and detail in these pieces is mind boggling.

“Chaos Theory” is a collaboration between Becky Lane and Chrissy Poitras.  It is an exploration of the junction between happenstance and expectation through the quintessential symbol of order: the clock.  An incredible clock!  I want one.

“Shrine dedicated to the memory of demolished barns and fallen trees” by Scott Eunson and Lubo Brezina.  An amazing experiential installation showing the space between object and representation.

Do something extraordinary this weekend and treat yourself to this exhibit – CUTMR is on until Sunday only!

Check here for details.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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