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As promised, here’s a peek at some of the designer rooms that were open to the public on the night of the Gladstone’s 5th Anniversary Party.  These rooms were being raffled off throughout the evening.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win one, but they are for rent any time.

Room 306 Urban Voyageur by Koma Designs & Paul Fortin

Room 305 – Teen Queen by Cecilia Berkovic..my friend Kristin’s absolute fave!

Room 316 – Flight 316 by Adam Berkowitz & George Simionpoulos

Room 318 – Blue Line by Ghost Design (Barr Gilmore & Michel Archand)

Room 317 – Model Citizen by Julian Finkel

Room 402 – Echame Flores by Rayne Baron

Room 405 – Parlour of Twilight by Simone Moir & Corwyn Lund

Room 407 – Racine by Susan Collett, Penelope Stewart & Nicholas Stirling

Room 409 – The Tower Suite by Christina Zeidler & Jane Zeidler

Room 416 – Felt Room by Kathryn Walter


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