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We (other media writers and I) met at the most westerly escalators at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre yesterday to get a sneak peak of the show.  As usual, there were galleries scrambling with last minute installations.  But overall, most seemed under control.

These are the installations you must see when at the show….

Susannah Rosenstock, VIP Co-ordinator gave us a brief run down of the show and then showed us some of the highlights.  First stop, the “Everything Must Go” exhibit.

Susannah far right, Jeremy left.

Susannah said, they wanted a fresh take on an exhibit for the feature space and picking Jeremy Laing, a well–known fashion designer with a passion for visual art, was a very good idea.  Expertly curated, Jeremy revealed the idea that art is a commodity like any other product in a store. Grab a sale flyer and enjoy the luxury boutique environment. Each piece is for sale!

David Liss

Next stop, MOCCA with David Liss. This year MOCCA in conjunction with the TIA Fair, has commissioned three unique limited edition c-prints by Alex McLeod, as a fundraising initiative to support programming at MOCCA.  These prints are truly amazing.  Alex has mastered 3D rendering software to produce  “hybrid spaces that imply an almost infinite recombination of the past and present…from the twilight of devastation shown in these strange dioramas lies the possibility for hope and rebirth.”  A steal at only $850 each!

The Constellation Project by Catherine Dean and Nicholas Brown was next.  They have created cardboard booths which hold one piece of art and situated them all around the show. Recognizing that when at a show of this size, it’s difficult to enjoy a piece of art with all the people and noise, they have created these private viewing environments. What a great way to engage the audience and sneakily lead them around the show.

Brilliant!!  Video works by Adad Hannah.  These are at the Drake Video Lounge this weekend as well. The space in-between video and photography is revealed in these still-life videos. I actually have home videos just like these!  Seriously… taking a picture of a video of a still life would have been too redundant.

Thomas Taubert and Markus Linnenbrink

At ftc.Berlin, artist Markus Linnenbrink dominates the whole booth.  Markus arrived 24 hours prior to the show to create this booth.  An art installation complete with painted walls and floor, beautifully contains his works in coloured epoxy resin.  I asked if they had videotaped the process, but no.

The last highlight of the morning was the BMW Art Car Collection. You can read about the history of this initiative when you’re there.  But I will tell you that it started in 1975, and holds 17 cars so far from famous artists such as Andy Warhol and David Hockney and even has one that needs to be refrigerated at all times! They brought out a beautiful car by Esther Mahlangu, an Africa artist.  Asked if any were for sale; the answer is, no they are not!

There is tons more to see at the show, so make a plan to visit this weekend and get inspired.

The TIA Fair is on until Monday.  Get details here.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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